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What Type of Bedding Is Safe for Hamsters?

Many pet owners have an expectation to provide the best bedding for their beloved pet animal and focus on the top brands of bedding options on online. They understand and ensure about the significance of providing the best bedding for hamster at this time. They search for the latest collection of high-quality and competitive prices… Read More »

How Do You Set up a Turtle Tank?

The oldest and the primitive group of reptiles are known to be the turtles having to be e3veolved millions of years ago. They have hard shells that protect them from predators and they live all over the world in almost every type of climate. There are even other names with which people to the turtles… Read More »

Welcome to South Paw Custom Pet Paintings

Lifelike, one-of-a-kind oil portraits of your pet from photos by Pennsylvania artist Heather Hughes Memorialize your beloved pet in a beautiful work of art! My oil paintings are hand drawn and painted on canvas with dedication and attention to detail, providing you with a wonderful way to treasure your 4-legged friend forever. Deck out your… Read More »