Order Process
  1. Submit order with photo references. Email or use the online form to inquire about a painting and supply the photo(s) of the pet(s). Express any details about what you would like painting to look like, including size of canvas, potential changes to the subject or background in the photo and/or possibility of combining photos.
  2. Confirm order and payment. Once I have discussed and approved all order details with you, I’ll send a Photoshop mock up of the painting for you to review, suggest changes and approve. Any major changes or alterations to the photo need to be made at this point. Once you’ve approved the mock up, payment should be made in full either through PayPal or by Mail.
  3. Painting in Progress. I will start your painting within the time-frame set forth when your order was placed. The first step will be sketching the subject on the canvas. From that point on, I’ll begin to send weekly digital updates so that you can watch your painting unfold! This is a great time to give any feedback and make minor changes to the painting.
  4. Approve Painting. When the pet portrait is completed, I will send a digital proof of the final painting for your final approval. Reasonable alterations can still be made at this point – I want to make sure you are 100% happy with your portrait before it leaves my home!
  5. Delivery/Pickup. Once you’ve signed-off on the painting and it has had the necessary time to dry, I will ship the painting within the time-frame discussed. FedEx or UPS Ground is used for shipping, and each painting will be carefully wrapped and packaged before it leaves my home.

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply photographs to which they own the rights. Photos should be sent to Heather, the artist, digitally via email or through the website. The customer authorizes South Paw Custom Pet Paintings the right to reproduce photographs for use on SouthPawPaintings.com and Etsy.


Although minor alterations are accepted throughout the entire process until the customer is satisfied, there are some changes that involve duplicating the efforts by me, the artist. Structural changes (such as canvas size, layout of subjects within the portrait or substituting a background) should be made during the first and second phase of the order process before the painting has begun. Any structural changes once the painting has already begun will incur additional charges ranging in price from $25 to $75 depending on the extremity.


In order to get on the client list, payment must be made in full and before step three in the order process. Payments are only accepted upfront and in full due to cost of supplies and time spent creating the painting. Payments can be made after contacting me, Heather Hughes, and I will direct you to the proper outlet (PayPal, Etsy or mail-in check).

Time Frame

The time-frame from start to completion of painting may vary upon many factors. These factors include size of the canvas, number of subjects in the painting, background complexity, and changes throughout the process. There is always a waiting list, and I work on a first come first served basis. Most paintings will be started within 2-4 weeks of order placed, and completed within 4-6 weeks after the start. If your date-needed falls before 6 weeks of your order date, please let me know and I will do her best to accommodate you or make alternate arrangements.

Refund Policy

Refunds in full will only be accepted before the painting has begun and before supplies have been ordered. If at any time later in the process you decide that you are not happy with the results you are getting you may still request a refund, but refunds will be made in percentages based on the progress made on the painting due to time lost by me, the artist. If supplies have been ordered but the process has not begun, 90% will be refunded. If the subject has only been sketched, 70% will be refunded. Once the actual painting process has begun, 30% will be refunded. Once you receive your finished portrait, it is not returnable and you will not receive a refund of payment. Again, I, Heather Hughes, will make as many alterations as needed to insure customers are 100% satisfied.


Check the package and artwork for damage before accepting the delivery. If in the unlikely event your portrait is damaged , then contact me immediately and contact the shipping company to start a complaint process with the shipper. The painting will need to be returned in its original packaging to me at your own cost, and I will repaint the portrait for you free of charge within a reasonable time frame.


I, Heather Hughes, the artist, retain copyright on all artwork that I produce. All commissioned artwork will be displayed within various medias for promotional purposes. Customer emails and Etsy feedback (in whole or in part) may be used as a testimonial throughout this website and in other promotional materials.