Spoonie and Millie

Yellow Lab and Westie (Oakdale, Louisiana)

Spoonie and Millie oil painting
original photo
original photo

Spoonie and Millie were commissioned by Sharon Rush in November 2012.

Sharon ordered this painting for her daughter as a birthday gift, not long after Laura ordered a painting of Sharon's dog, Sissy, for Mother's Day (pictured below).

Spoonie oil painting Millie oil painting
sissy oil painting
My daughter, Laura and I were so excited and pleased with the painting that Heather did of her two dogs, Spoonie and Millie. The painting was a surprise gift for Laura's birthday in January 2013. Heather is so easy to work with, and I really liked that she gave me frequent updates on the painting so that I could see how the project was progressing. She is an amazing artist! I have continued to follow her on Facebook and always enjoy seeing the projects that she is currently working on. My husband and I would like for Heather to do a painting of our dog, Roscoe in the near future. I highly recommend Heather's work!

― Sharon on Spoonie and Millie

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