Shar-Pei (Baltimore, Maryland)

Nala shar pei oil painting
Nala oil painting
original photo

gifted to Sarah Gossard in July 2014

Nala was a special order for an old friend. In June 2014, this gorgeous shar-pei lost her life at the hands of a Baltimore City police officer. He ruthlessly slit her throat while she was restrained after she escaped from her back yard. This painting for Sarah is in loving memory of her baby. Learn more about the case at Justice for Nala

Nala close up oil painting
It is amazing and I am very appreciative :). The tragedy itself will always be sad but this is a great reminder of how beautiful Nala was and I will treasure it. Thanks so much Heather!

― Sarah on Nala

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Nala shar pei oil painting
Nala shar pei oil painting