Duke, Duchess, Nissa, Mollie, Cami and Buckley

Labs (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

aussies oil painting

duke oil painting
duchess oil painting
mollie and cami oil painting
Nissa oil painting
Buckley oil painting
original photo

This family of labs was commissioned by Nikki Hopeman for her parents as a Christmas gift in March 2013.

The Earnest pups were certainly the toughest and longest painting I've ever worked on, haha. Nikki wanted to do something extra special for her parents and decided to do one large painting that had each of the dogs they'd owned and loved since the beginning of their marriage. It started with Duke (pictured/painted far left) before Nikki was born, and ended with Buckley (far right) who came into the family after Nikki moved out and started her own life.

Since each pup was part of the family during a different time period, the photos Nikki sent were all individual photos (shown above). I then combined all 5 photographs into one large photoshop mock-up and added a rural, forest background to match the Earnest's home.

There are no words to describe the emotion that I felt upon opening the portraits that you painted and Nikki gifted to us. The painting made me cry and brought a flood of memories for each of the dogs pictured. As Nikki probably mentioned, we are quite the animal lovers and each dog held a special place in our lives and hearts over the years. The painting is hanging over the sofa in our living room and is the first thing to see when entering our home. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for painting each dog just as they were and giving me and my husband much joy and pleasure now and in the future.

― Sue and Lloyd Earnest, Proud Parents of the six labs

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