Emmie and Gracie

Boxers (Chester, Virginia)

Emmie and Gracie boxers oil painting
Emmie and Gracie oil painting
original photo

Emmie and Gracie was commissioned by
Pam Casella in October 2011.

Emmie and Gracie were two of the first pups I was commissioned to paint year ago. Pam and her husband loved their pups, and were so happy with the first portrait (pictured below), they ordered another!

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Emmie and Gracie oil painting
begging boxers oil painting
This artist is fantastic! She painted a canvas portrait of my two boxers, and it is just extraordinary, esp. given the pics I sent her! Communication with Heather is the best. She sent updates almost daily of the work she had completed, and asked for feedback. Heather is SO talented, contact her if you're interested in a custom portrait. I recommend her to everyone!

― Pam on Emmie and Gracie