Archie, Whopeye and Molly

Australian Shepherds (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin)

aussies oil painting

archie oil painting
whopeye oil painting
molly oil painting
original photo

This family of pups was commissioned by Julie Reinel in March 2013.

Julie had 3 separate pictures of her pups. She wanted a painting where dad (left), baby (middle) and mom (right) were all together with a fall background, as you'll see in the concoction I created above.

Heather what a FANTASTIC JOB! Thank you so much for our lovely painting of our babies! My husband loved it! We will always treasure our painting! I am so looking forward to the next one!

― Julie on her pups

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Other Commissions from Julie

While the above painting of Archie, Whopeye and Molly was the first commission from Julie, it certainly was not the only one. She went on to order 3 more portraits from me over the next six months. Here you'll see two paintings of her precious handicapped pup Gee "O" Dee, along with a painting of Archie and Molly, mates for life.

Find them in my gallery!

Gee O Dee aussie oil painting Archie and Molly oil painting
Gee O Dee aussie oil painting